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There are currently users online. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? New CHP Uniforms? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. In the past week I've seen two CHP wearing a different uniform than the regular khaki one.

They were wearing blue cargo pants and long sleeve shirts with the embroidered badge. Tags: None. The Jackal. Originally posted by Yoni View Post. Comment Post Cancel. Class B uniforms. You dont want those nice beautiful tan uniforms to get dirty in the rain or dirty assignments don't you? They're nothing new. Like was posted, Commercial officers wear them, as well as motor officers when doing training and some other special assignments.

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California Highway Patrol (CHP) Uniforms

Choose from various fabric weights — heavy, mid, and light-weight depending on uses. All recommended fabrics have the same high waterproof-breathable standards — other fabrics available depending on function. Also choose your level of zip-out insulation. Functions: Design and accents built to look great, and functional panels to ensure comfortable fit and ease of use. Raglan sleeve cut — other options available. Coordinate your image and continue it from year to year as long as you want. Soft brush, chin guard optional.

Full front, 2-way zip. Extra-long front placket pocket that fits a clip board, or hat, etc. Zip-off or attached technical hood that tucks can into collar or stows in rear storage pocket.

Other hood options available — call for details. Other options include radio pocket, radio mic tabs, convenient fore-arm pocket, and other well-placed storage pockets. Ventilation zips under arms with mesh. Choose what is best for you. Pant section has front pockets, and belt loops, and has full, 2-way side zips.

Removable neoprene-type pads often used in motocross industry inside lining at knees. Opt to have your patches and badges embroidered and production so they can be seam sealed. Larger orders only. Many Reflective options available for larger groups that want to customize. Lining: Breathable Mesh with, T sleeves and legs for warmth and movement is recommended to gain the most versatility.

Available insulated gram or shell. Other lining options available. Look the same as no matter which layer is worn. The jumpsuit is designed like the Virga Jacket style and has matching base-layers softshell, fleece and windshells. Colors: Choose your own color combination to create your own look for group buys.Police Gear is THE best one-stop shop for all your tactical gear and duty needs.

And LAPG is very proud to support, serve and carry an extensive array of duty uniform apparel and tactical gear required by the brave men and women of the California Highway Patrol CHP. We understand the demanding duties and stressful field work of all members of the CHP, and therefore we gladly support them by offering them the industry's best name brands, in multiple styles, colors and sizes, at the lowest possible prices.

Whether CHP members require Class A police uniforms - the dress uniform for special events, or Class B police uniforms - the workhorse duty uniform that needs to be durable yet comfortable for any tactical mission, LA Police Gear carries a wide variety of options to best fit the needs of the wearer.

These uniform pants are tailored to the California Highway Patrol specifications and custom made to have a very clean, sharp appearance while still offering the best quality and durability found in most Class B Uniform pants.

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Known for it's durability, functionality and comfort for every day wear, as well as the additional benefits of enhanced cargo pockets plus MAP shirt pocket designs, The CHP Class B uniform shirt comes in both short and long sleeves, and can be matched up with the Flying Cross CHP Class B duty pants for an overall crisp, clean look and long-term wearability.

We also care that as a law enforcement officer, you're standing on your feet a lot, and your safety and comfort is a big priority with us. Not only extremely comfortable for long hours of wear, this duty boot is lightweight and breathable, and offers a removable enduropro insert to aid in all day comfort.

We carry a wide variety of tactical and duty gear to outfit any member of the California Highway Patrol from head to toe. If you have any questions about our tactical gear or our uniform apparel or our duty accessories, please email, call or live chat us at any time. We are here to assist you. Sign In.The CHP has patrol jurisdiction over all California highways and are also known as the state police.

They also have jurisdiction over city roads, and have the right to conduct law enforcement procedures there. Young on August 14, It was subsequently established as a separate department with legislation signed by Governor Earl Warren in The CHP gradually assumed increased responsibility beyond the enforcement of the State Vehicle Act and eventually merged with the smaller California State Police in In addition to its highway patrol duties, the CHP also provides other services including protecting state buildings and facilities most notably the California State Capitol and guarding state officials.

The CHP also works with municipal and federal law enforcement agencies, providing assistance in investigations, patrol and other aspects of law enforcement. The California Highway Patrol is the largest state police agency in the United Stateswith 11, employees, and over 7, of whom are sworn officers, according to a recent study in December of The agency is responsible for law enforcement on all California state routes including all freeways and expresswaysU.

HighwaysInterstate Highways and all public roads in unincorporated and incorporated portions of a county. Local police or the local sheriff's department having a contract with an incorporated city are primarily responsible for investigating and enforcing traffic laws in incorporated cities, but any peace officer of the CHP can still enforce any state law anywhere within the state, even though the agency's primary mission is related to transportation.

CHP officers enforce the California Vehicle Code, pursue fugitives spotted on the highways, and attend to all significant obstructions and accidents within their jurisdiction. CHP officers are responsible for investigating and disposing of car accidentsdisabled vehicles, debris, and other impediments to the free flow of traffic. They are often the first responders at the scene of an accident or obstructionand in turn summon paramedicsfirefighterstow truck drivers or Caltrans personnel.

The CHP files traffic collision reports for state highways and within unincorporated areas. The CHP responds to and investigates all accidents involving school buses throughout the state including incorporated cities. After the September 11, attacks the CHP became responsible for securing and patrolling a number of potential terrorist targets in California. These sites include nuclear power plants, government buildings, and key infrastructure sites.

The CHP also has officers assigned to drug task forces and other criminal investigative task forces throughout the state, and maintains highly trained Warrant Service Teams WST throughout each of its Divisions. These teams serve high-risk felony arrest and search warrants generated as a result of CHP investigations, and the WST assists local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to serve the same type of high-risk warrants.

One of the California Highway Patrol's additional responsibilities includes a governor protection detail. Somewhat controversially, the cities of Oakland and Stockton have contracted with the California Highway Patrol to assist their police departments with local patrol duties, including traffic stops and responding to calls.

The Deputy Commissioner is also appointed by the Governor and the Assistant Commissioners are appointed by the Commissioner.

chp blue uniform

Additionally, the Department succeeded in its bid for Advanced Law Enforcement reaccreditation, and remains the largest accredited law enforcement agency in the nation. Having received this honor, the CHP became the first accredited state highway patrol in the nation to receive communications accreditation. The CHP is one of nearly 20 agencies to have received this award.

CHP uniforms are traditionally khaki -colored with campaign hat and blue-and-gold trouser stripe. Command officers wear a tan combination cap. The dress uniform includes a forest green jacket and royal blue tie bow tie for motor officers.

Cold weather and utility uniforms are dark blue. Standard traffic enforcement patrol vehicles are required by state law to have a white door with, in the case of the CHP, a star. The CHP operates traditional black and white as well as all-white patrol vehicles. With the falling cost of telephone area code and numbers, most organizations have chosen to switch to one of the newer numbers and discontinue use of the Zenith service, which requires operator assistance.

The CHP's traditions include its own radio codes, widely adopted by local agencies.

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The organization's name is taken from the radio code. The badge of the California Highway Patrol is a gold seven-point star with the California state seal in the center, and a ribbon with the rank of the badge holder on the bottom. The star points have oak leaves in them, and badges are made of 14k gold-filled brass. A patch facsimile is worn on tactical and utility uniforms, and optionally on the cold weather jacket.

The cap piece is a golden winged wheel with banners stating the agency name. To serve the United States of America and the State of California honestly, and conscientiously; and fulfill my oath as a soldier of the law.Have they switched from the traditional khaki color? If so, can you find out what prompted the change? Honk intends to find out why, and he has the question into CHP officials in Sacramento. The traditional uniform of the CHP is, of course, the khaki or tan, sometimes accompanied by the striking blue tie Motorcycle officers wear bow ties.

Those uniforms are wool and need to go to the dry cleaners. The dark blues can be machine washed at home.

Jumpsuit / Snowsuit (CHP) – CHP blue

Maybe the commish was worried, with the pandemic raging, about his officers having to drop into a dry cleaner, with social distancing and all, or the uncertainty of what businesses would stay open. It is unclear when the affected officers will return to their traditonal uniforms. All CHP officers have the dark blues, said Duane Grahaman officer and spokesman out of the Westminster station house, so they can wear them while training or for some other task in which they have a greater chance to pick up some dirt.

Some CHP officers always wear the dark blues: those whose partners are K-9 dogs; the men and women on the commercial-vehicle detail, because they may have to crawl beneath a semi to ensure it is safe on the road; and the officers assigned to the salvage detail — who may need to also slide beneath a vehicle that was once in a wreck to make sure it appears safe for the highways.

Dear Honk: I received the renewal notice for my driver license from the Department of Motor Vehicles by mail. I completed the form and returned it and received a code number to schedule an appointment; my license expires in October when I will be What do I need to do?

chp blue uniform

This topic has been more popular in recent months than a tall glass of lemonade on a sweltering summer day. To keep safe those 70 and older, who have to go into a DMV office every time they renew their driver licenses, the DMV gave them a one-year extension if their licenses expire from March 1 to Dec. Hopefully, we will all be vaccinated before these folks have to brave a DMV office. If you qualify and want paperwork, though, you can go to dmv. To ask Honk questions, reach him at honk ocregister.

He only answers those that are published. To see Honk online: ocregister.

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chp blue uniform

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California highway patrol

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